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"Industrial edge intelligence" together with "cloud manufacturing", to discuss industrial development

ICIEI plays an important role in promoting the research and application of common key technologies in the industry and gathering innovative resources. The exchange among ICIEI is of great significance in carrying out business cooperation, building industrial ecology and promoting digital transformation and upgrading in Guangdong Province.


On July 11, ICIEI Vice President Lin Shimei visited Guangdong Industrial Cloud Manufacturing Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as "Cloud Manufacturing Innovation Center") with more than ten members of his team, and carried out in-depth technical exchanges with General Manager of Cloud Manufacturing Innovation Center Meng Fangao and his project team members. 

The two sides made a detailed introduction on the development history, construction content and main achievements of ICIEI, and also had an in-depth exchange on business development and cooperation in industrial Internet edge access and cloud platform construction, indicating that in the field of edge computing application, through complementary achievements and the establishment of joint laboratories, further technical and business cooperation will be carried out to improve the ability of equipment on the cloud and system on the cloud, and expand new modes and applications.

Through this inter-center exchange, it provides an opportunity for mutual learning for the common development of the center, and also lays a strategic cooperation opportunity for the subsequent joint promotion of digital transformation of industrial enterprises in Guangdong Province through cooperation, which has an important role in promoting industry progress and building industrial ecology together.


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