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ICIEI and Ningbo Industrial Internet Institute Research Institute reached a strategic cooperation agreement for the inauguration of the Technology Innovation Center

Recently, ICIEI and NingBo Industrial Internet Institute inaugurate the Technology Innovation Center reached a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages, and jointly carry out in-depth cooperation in platform building, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, industrial ecological construction, technological innovation services, high-level scientific and technological cooperation, innovative talent attraction and training, and industry cluster cultivation to enhance the overall strength of both sides.


In this cooperation, the two sides will focus on the independent and controllable smart factory operating system platform, industrial software and industrial ecology, edge computing, industrial chips and protocols, industrial information security and new generation industrial networks, industrial big data and artificial intelligence, etc., with the smart factory operating system and its related common key technologies as the core, effectively promote the establishment of public technology platform, transformation of R&D results, industrial It will build a world-class intelligent factory operating system innovation highland and a high viscosity industrial software incubation and industry ecosystem, support the construction of a new pattern of industrial software industry development in China with systematic output, and support industrial We will support industrial enterprises to promote intelligent manufacturing at low cost and large area, and help China's manufacturing industry to develop with high quality.

ICIEI Vice President Lin Shimei and NingBo Industrial Internet Institute inaugurate the Technology Innovation Center President Chu Jian jointly expressed their willingness to take this strategic cooperation as a starting point, adhering to the purpose of win-win development, consolidate the foundation of cooperation, improve the quality of cooperation, and build a stable and far-reaching long-term relationship.

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