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China Academy of Industrial Internet visited us to explore new ideas of talent cultivation

Recently, Li Zhuoyue, Director of China Academy of Industrial Internet, visited NICIEI and was warmly received by the Public Service Department of the Center.Accompanied by the Director of the Center's Public Service Department, Director Li Zhuoyue and other members of the delegation visited the Center's Experience Center, and the two sides had an in-depth discussion on the cooperation and exchange of talents training in the field of industrial Internet.


During the exchange, the Public Service Department firstly introduced the development overview of NICIEI in recent years, the situation of talent cultivation and the future development prospect. Director Li Zhuoyue excellence expressed his appreciation for the work results and experience summary achieved by NICIEI in the direction of talent cultivation, and the two sides further exchanged in-depth views on the cultivation of high-quality talents in the field of industrial Internet and the construction of talent cultivation base.


Through this visit and exchange, both sides further exchanged information and enhanced understanding, and both sides expressed their hope to carry out multi-level, multi-field and multi-form cooperation in order to realize the organic combination and optimal allocation of resources, and jointly explore new ideas, new methods and new modes of training talents in the field of industrial internet.


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