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ICIEI Holds Technical Expert Seminar to Discuss Blockchain Applications and Development in Industry Chain Collaboration Scenarios

Recently, ICIEI expert committee held an internal technical exchange seminar, which discussed and exchanged in-depth information on the development status and trend of blockchain technology, industrial development status, industry application status and development issues, etc. ICIEI general manager Sun Yu, technical experts Pang Guangshi, Chen Chao and Shen Hang attended the meeting.

Technical expert Pang Guangshi said: Blockchain is a distributed network data management technology integrated and innovated by various technologies, which can realize data multi-party maintenance, cross-validation, network-wide consistency and less tampering. It has created a new computing paradigm and collaboration model to establish trust at low cost in an untrustworthy competitive environment, and is changing the application scenarios and operation rules of many industries with its unique trust-building mechanism.


At present, blockchain technology is accelerating the application landing in vertical industries such as industrial chain collaboration, financial service, product traceability, government and people's livelihood, electronic depository, digital identity, logistics, medical and health, energy, agriculture, etc. However, it should also be seen that the application of blockchain is still at a relatively preliminary stage, and various application models are still evolving in development and still need to be continuously explored.

Technical expert Chen Chao said: Industry chain collaboration network is composed of core industrial enterprises, suppliers, distributors, customers and other participating subjects, and the management system of geographically dispersed and difficult to interact with industry chain subjects has raised the threshold and complexity of collaboration.

The supply chain visualization based on blockchain technology can realize credible, secure and traceable data entry and data sharing under access control based on identity authentication mechanism and data exchange between credible and controllable participants in an identity verifiable and access controllable manner, which effectively improves the transparency and controllability of the whole supply chain and can greatly reduce supply chain risks.


Technical expert Shen Hang said: industrial logistics to centralize the procurement of products for industrial enterprises to build a platform, but the lack of effective information sharing, it is difficult to guide the storage, transportation and distribution enterprises to play a synergistic role.

Blockchain-based industrial logistics management uses blockchain technology to quickly build a logistics process system that counts the state information data generated in each link into a blockchain distributed shared ledger and provides a smart contract as a query interface to show the logistics whole life cycle data for front-end applications, which not only greatly improves the efficiency of its own logistics information sharing, accelerates the speed of information flow between different participants and reduces the interaction cost between enterprises, but also creates new business models and provides extended and complete sets of services for industrial enterprises.

In the application of industrial chain synergy, blockchain technology can realize information resource sharing and reshape trust relationship, thus realizing high transparency and high synergy of multi-participant network and improving industrial efficiency. Sun Yu, general manager of the ICIEI, said that the ICIEI will do further exploration in the direction of industrial chain synergy, especially supply chain visualization and industrial logistics management in the future.

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