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EVOC, NICIEI and Shenzhen Polytechnic Negotiate to Build Industrial Internet Research Institute

Recently, President Wang Yang of Shenzhen Polytechnic Internet of Things Research Institute visited Shenzhen Polytechnic and was warmly received by Vice President Lin Shimei of EVOC and General Manager Sun Yu of NICIEI, and the three parties discussed business related to the construction of Industrial Internet Research Institute.


President Wang Yang of Shenzhen Polytechnic said: "The Industrial Internet Research Institute will grasp the opportunity of the development of "twin zones", focus on the industrial Internet field, combine the respective advantages of the partners, carry out joint training of talents, scientific and technological innovation, professional construction, resource sharing, etc., and jointly help the industrial development.


EVOC Vice President Lin Shimei said: Industrial Internet Research Institute is an important source of technological innovation, an important driving force for enterprise empowerment and an important platform for talent training in the field of industrial Internet.

NICIEI is an innovation center in the field of industrial Internet with industrial edge intelligence technology as its core. Sun Yu, general manager of NICIEI, said that NICIEI hopes to further strengthen communication and cooperation with SZSI and actively participate in the construction of the Industrial Internet Research Institute.

The three parties will discuss in depth and collaborate with each other to build the Industrial Internet Research Institute, create a highland of industrial Internet talents, establish a collaborative innovation system of "industry, academia, research and application" for market application, complementary advantages, joint development and win-win situation, and enable high-quality transformation and upgrading of industry.


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