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We will help each other to fight against the epidemic--Innovation Center helps volunteer to fight against the epidemic

The epidemic is an order, prevention and control is the responsibility, right now Shenzhen is facing the most severe and urgent prevention and control situation since the epidemic occurred, and is engaged in a sniper war with the new coronavirus race.

We know that no one is an island of safety in front of the virus; we never fight alone in the battle against the epidemic. In order to fulfill our corporate responsibility, the General Manager Sun Yu led the party members and volunteers of the Innovation Center to respond to the call and set up a volunteer advance team of the Innovation Center to fight the "epidemic". They assisted in temperature measurement, registration, order maintenance and health code checking.

After the epidemic occurred, Innovation Center set up a special group for prevention and control at the first time, launched a work plan for epidemic prevention and control, conducted a comprehensive survey of all employees in the company, established employee health files and carried out daily health monitoring. We actively organized and guided employees to receive vaccination, multiple nucleic acid tests, and strictly implemented personal protection such as body temperature testing and mask wearing, and strengthened the disinfection and ventilation of office premises to actively carry out epidemic prevention and control.

Recently, the "Watch and Help, Stand for Epidemic" volunteer advance team composed of party members and volunteers came to the park and community where the center is located, and went into the volunteer service positions such as nucleic acid testing points and card points to assist in temperature measurement, registration of incoming and outgoing personnel, order maintenance, health code checking and other work, and worked side by side with medical staff and community workers to fight the epidemic. They fought side by side with medical staff and community workers to fight against the epidemic, showing their responsibility with practical actions and making contributions to the center in the front line of epidemic prevention.

The Innovation Center will, as always, actively implement the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and Party committees and governments at all levels, implement the requirements of epidemic prevention, do a good job of propaganda and guidance, stay at their posts, perform their duties, and actively contribute to the front line of coordinating the fight against the epidemic, promoting development and ensuring stability.

We firmly believe that the epidemic will eventually dissipate and prosperity will be as usual!

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