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The epidemic prevention and control courage to take responsibility for the station "epidemic" to the end

The new crown pneumonia epidemic has touched the hearts of people all over the country. Facing the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, Innovation Center actively responds and takes up the role, actively carries out epidemic prevention and control, effectively fulfills its social responsibility, and fights against the epidemic with heart, strength and emotion.

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一、Set up a special group for epidemic prevention and control

In the face of the epidemic, the center set up a prevention and control working group with general manager Sun Yu as the first person in charge, formulated and released the center's epidemic prevention and control work plan and organized its implementation, and designated a person from the comprehensive service department to be responsible for the collection and reporting of the center's epidemic prevention and control situation.

二、Establish employee health ledgers and conduct health monitoring

Establish a health ledger. Designate a person in the Integrated Services Department to count and establish the center's employee health ledger (including but not limited to the following information: place of origin, family members living with the specific medium and high risk areas, whether they have contact with the epidemic area or personnel, whether they are sick with a cold and fever, etc.; statistical tools preferred to use the company's Blue Ling OA survey management module, in emergencies can be used with the help of WeChat statistical assistant and Tencent documents), timely reporting in accordance with the requirements of urban areas. For each employee zoning classification for health management.

Carry out health monitoring. The staff will conduct temperature tests and keep records when they enter and leave the center's gates every day, and if they find fever, cough and other abnormalities such as suspected symptoms of new crown pneumonia, they will be immediately investigated according to the procedures and prohibited from going to work with illness.

三、Improve workplace epidemic prevention and control and management

Carry out remote home office.Establish a telecommuting network environment, and for colleagues who cannot work on site, they can work remotely from home after application and approval.

Conduct meetings using online meeting modes such as video and telephone, and shorten the meeting time as much as possible.

Equipped with epidemic prevention materials.Designate a person in the Integrated Service Department to be responsible for purchasing and keeping goggles, masks, face masks, protective gloves, temperature guns, disinfectant solution, no-clean disinfectant water, protective clothing and other necessary epidemic prevention materials, register their use and requisition for replenishment in a timely manner to ensure that the center's employees can receive a mask at the front desk every day when they go to work, and 2 masks a day if necessary.

Strengthen the registration and management of entrances and exits.Set up a temperature testing and registration office at the front door of the center, and immediately transfer abnormal body temperature to a temporary isolation area and dispose of them according to relevant regulations. Strengthen the registration and management of outsiders and reduce the entry of unnecessary outsiders as much as possible; those who really need to enter the center should ask about their units, health status, and contact with people in the area where the epidemic occurs, and only enter the center if their body temperature tests meet the requirements and they are wearing good masks.

Clean and disinfect the surfaces of workplace objects. Conduct regular disinfection of elevators, operating buttons, handles and other objects or parts surfaces that are frequently touched by personnel more than 4 times a day.

Maintain indoor air circulation in the Innovation Center. Prefer natural ventilation, supplemented by mechanical ventilation if natural ventilation cannot meet the requirements.

Do a good job of garbage collection and disposal.Set up special recycling bins for masks in the front desk, elevator hall and other public areas of the company, strengthen the cleaning of garbage bins, and carry out disinfection treatment regularly.

四、Improve employees' awareness of personal protection

Do a good job of vaccination.According to the principle of "receiving as much as possible" and "receiving as much as possible", organize and guide the employees of the center to receive the booster vaccination for the new coronavirus.

Continuous publicity and education. he comprehensive service department regularly educates employees on epidemic prevention and control, so that they can master the knowledge of proper mask wearing, cleaning and disinfection, etc., and enhance their awareness of self-protection, and actively organize and guide employees to carry out nucleic acid testing.

Strengthen personal protection.Employees are required to wear masks that meet the requirements after entering the center's office area.

Standardize the management of after-shift activities.During breaks, encourage employees to reduce unnecessary going out, avoid going to places where crowds gather especially in poor air flow, and not to gather to chat or play cards to reduce 

五、Strengthen the handling and reporting of abnormal situations

Set up an isolation observation area.When employees show suspicious symptoms, immediately report to the person in charge of the comprehensive service department, isolate them individually at the first time, and conduct temperature retest. For suspected staff with serious symptoms, the external liaison officer of the administration department immediately calls 120 ambulance to send them to the corresponding designated medical institution for examination and notifies the community epidemic prevention department at the first time.

Closure and disinfection of relevant areas.Disinfect and clean up the area where the suspected person is working, moving around, etc.; conduct survey and statistics on the people in contact with the suspected person. For those who have been confirmed as abnormal persons, perform specific operations according to the requirements of the government's epidemic prevention department.


In addition to strengthening internal management, the center actively cooperates with the government and the community to carry out epidemic prevention work. We firmly believe that there is no mountain that cannot be overcome with one heart and one hand, and there is no hurdle that cannot be crossed with one heart and one hand. Let's do our best, let's do our best, let's work together, and victory will surely be at hand.

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